Fosters On A Mission

Greetings Dear Friends,

We are excited to share what God is doing, and we thank you for praying with us as you read through our updates.


Ministry Update

Andre did not get his travel visa in time for the trip to California.  We’ll continue to pray for another opportunity, though it might not be until next year. 

We met with 30 pastors and churches in two weeks.  It was a very encouraging and energizing trip that we feared could be draining.  Note to self: do not doubt the effectiveness of the work that God has called you to do.

Personal financial needs have been met in more big ways.  We are not worried about income until the late fall at least, so we can focus on ministry.  Thank you for praying for this need, as it has greatly relieved our schedule for actively raising ministry support and for necessary training.

The month of May will be many phone calls, meetings, and travel to churches in the region.  We will also need to prepare for our coming trip in June…

June will be 4 solid weeks of training.  This training is required for all missionaries, and though Dave took these courses in college, it was 30 years ago, so we are both excited to take these classes together.

The first two weeks will be Basic Missional Theology, providing an understanding of the doctrinal truths of the Bible and illustrating the ways worldview, culture, and human problems influence the development of theology around the world.

Weeks three and four will be The Roots of Faith – Old and New Testament, looking at the Bible in a chronological narrative-focused style, providing a solid foundation for chronological Bible teaching as part of evangelism and discipleship.

Each of these classes are designed specifically for training missionaries, and will be very important to our ministry.  Expenses for this month: ~$10,000.

Pray for:  A) financial support to meet the needs for this trip, B) the health of all four of us as we travel, C) Karen, as she spends the first month of her summer on the road with us, D) an impactful learning experience.  

Continue to pray for the needs of the unreached people in Thailand who need the gospel message, and consider who God may want you to share His good news with.

On page 2, Andrea shares how God called her to ministry in Northeast Thailand.


Support Status

God has been continuously meeting our immediate financial needs, while moving us ever closer to the month-to-month reliance on His provision.  We are currently at about 35% of our monthly support need.


Important Dates

May 28th – July 2nd – Training in Harrisburg, PA.  Basic Missional Theology, and Old & New Testament Survey.


Contact Info

David & Andrea Foster

(509) 438-5893




Thailand is known for its fabulous street food. You’ll find delicious Thai favorites such as grilled meat skewers, fried chicken legs, som tam salad, and loads of noodle dishes. If you’re more adventuresome, try the grilled chicken intestines, fried insects, spiders, and even fried scorpions. Or, you can make this easy recipe at home for sticky rice with mangos, a street food favorite.


- 1 cup Thai sweet rice (aka sticky rice)

- 1 ripe mango

- 4 tbls brown sugar or Asian palm sugar

- ¼ teaspoon of salt

- 1 can coconut milk

1. Soak the rice in 1 cup of water for 20 minutes to 4 hours. Do not drain.

2. Add ½ cup more water, ½ can coconut milk, ¼ teaspoon salt, and 1 tablespoon sugar.

3. Bring to boil, partially cover, and reduce heat to medium/low. Simmer for 20 minutes or until coconut milk has been absorbed. Turn off heat and let sit for 5 - 10 minutes.

4. For the sauce, warm the rest of the coconut milk over medium/low heat. Add 3 tablespoons of sugar.

5. To serve, shape the rice into rectangles. Add cut up mango. Drizzle coconut sauce over the top. Garnish with fresh mint.


A Step Towards Missions: Part Ten

A series during our pre-field development to explore and present the path towards our ministry as missionaries to Thailand.

When Dave first came to me to discuss being full time missionaries to Thailand, I was 47 years old and going through a tough pregnancy.  Needless to say, I wasn't exactly crazy about the idea.  But I trusted that he was following an urging from God, and said “I can do the next step.”  And so, one step at a time found us in Pennsylvania at ABWE’s New Missionary Orientation and final interviews in March of 2018. (ABWE - Association of Baptists for World Evangelism, our mission agency)

New things are definitely not my idea of a good time.  I would be perfectly content to just stay where I am (especially if there is a beach nearby) and never do anything I don't already do.  But over the last 20 years, Dave has shown me that once in a while I can be convinced that new things can be fun.  A bit like an adventure, really.

So, there we were, learning a little bit about being missionaries in Thailand.  We had been there twice on short term trips previously.  The people are lovely and we now know brothers and sisters and are in love with them and their country.  The need for the gospel in Thailand is enormous.  I thought, “I think I can probably do this.”

Now, mind you, in my head we were going to go to Mae Hong Son.  We already know people there.  The needs are right in line with the gifts and abilities Dave and I have.  If I was going to go live in a new country, I was going to go where I was comfortable; where I already felt safe; where I knew people. But God doesn't have a habit of leaving us where we are comfortable.  He grows us by stretching us.  His desire is that we are more like Him...and I have a long way to go.

As our week at ABWE went on, I found myself becoming more anxious.  More antsy and uneasy.  During that time, we were learning about a missionary couple named Don & Gail Craft.  They have been faithfully serving the Lord in Sawang Daendin, Thailand for over 30 years.  Essentially alone.  Praying for someone to come and minister alongside them.  I remember thinking “I hope someone will go work with them.  WE are going to Mae Hong Son.”  The more we learned about the needs in Sawang Daendin, the more irritated I became with the whole idea of going to Thailand at all.  For me, this is when God stepped in.

On the 2nd to the last day of orientation, I had a serious conversation with God about the whole thing.  And when I got done talking, and started listening, He told me that WE are the ones He wants to go to minister with the Crafts.  When I allowed that truth to get into my soul, I knew immediately that He has called our whole family to share the Good News with the beautiful people in Northeast Thailand.  My anxiety went away, and I am now excited to learn all that I can in this time of pre-field ministry so we can move on to the next thing.  In Thailand!

We ask our friends to read the following passages for an insight into our calling, but even more importantly, a look at God’s abundant power and amazing grace: Jonah chapters 1-3, Romans 10: 1-15.  If you do not have a Bible, you can google search each of these passages for easy access.



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