Fosters On A Mission - January 2020

Greetings Dear Friends,


Through our many struggles and blessings over the last couple of months, we thank you for sharing in our journey.  We cannot express how much we appreciate all of your continued prayers and support as we follow God’s calling in our lives.


Ministry Update

We added a couple church presentations to our calendar in December, and thought we would have a few weeks of rest over the holidays, but that did not go quite as planned.

David replaced a leader at the last minute and joined our daughter, Karen, and her youth group on a 3-day retreat over New-Year’s Eve.  It was a blessing to be a part of this annual trip that is regularly challenging our youth to draw closer to God.  Karen had a great time as well, as Dad kept his distance at the right times.  We are proud of Karen’s growth this year, and are thrilled to see her consistent excitement to participate in both her youth group, and her weekly bible study group.

In a surprise blessing from God, our church offered us a home to stay in until we move to Thailand.  So, we immediately began to pack, and had 28 people help us with the move.  After 12-years in a two-bedroom apartment, the 4-bedroom house is a spacious blessing that Karen is especially thankful for, as she has her own bedroom once again.

Andrea & the girls took a trip to the Tucson area to visit her sister’s family.  David stayed behind to unpack, and also participate in the first of two pastor retreats in McCall, Idaho and Carnation, Washington.


Support Status

As has become the norm for all Americans at this time of the year, insurance costs rose, adding 2.5% to our support requirements.  Currently we are at 41% of our monthly support, with 10% of this being commitments that are not yet coming in.  We need to be over 50% coming in before we can draw income from our support.  In the meantime, David is looking for work until our support level reaches a reasonable level.  We continue to reach out to new churches and individuals for partnership opportunities.  Pray for peace as we have now seen the specific ministry needs of the people in Thailand and we are anxious to go, and pray for God to inspire more churches and individuals to participate in our ministry.

The best support you can give us is to participate by reading our newsletter and to partner with us in prayer.  Also, prayerfully ask God if he wants you to support us financially.  God will continue to call our financial partners, as he already has.

On page 2 we share our yearly status update.



Important Dates

Feb. 3-5 - Pastor’s Retreat in Carnation, WA

Feb. 14-16 – Outreach Opportunities at Pasco, WA convention  

Feb. 21 - Mar. 1 – Bellingham, WA area Mission’s Conference -  10 days, 10 churches



Contact Info

David & Andrea Foster

(509) 438-5893


Our Ministry Status Update

Pre-field is a term our mission agency (ABWE) uses to define a missionary that is not yet in the field (Thailand in our case).  We have a list of classes that we must take, books to read, and other assignments to develop our knowledge and understanding of the Bible and the culture of our target area.  We must complete a survey trip to the area we intend to go to, and we are also required to raise 100% of our monthly support needs and our outfit and passage (moving) expenses.  This time in pre-field can be difficult.  We are tempted to question why God would call us to go to Thailand, and not immediately provide us with all of the funds necessary to go…now.

We are at 41% of our monthly support level, with 10% of this being commitments that are not yet coming in

One of the many misconceptions of missionaries in pre-field is that they are not yet in full-time ministry.  It has been 12 months since we have had any source of income.  In that time, we have shared the gospel with over 1,500 people of all ages, visited over 50 churches, taken a solid month of training in Pennsylvania, and completed a 3-week survey trip.  Pre-field is a full-time ministry.

We are asking you to participate with us in the advance of the Gospel

We cannot possibly tell you all of the lessons that we have already learned during pre-field that are directly related to our coming ministry in Thailand.  Last summer’s Missional Theology and Bible Survey classes were much more than an assignment, we recognize the necessity of these classes and the impact that they will have on us, and those we reach out to in the many years to come.  Our survey trip was instrumental for us to experience the culture and see the spiritual needs and opportunities that God has given us the skills to fulfill.

We have already personally donated to our ministry.  Would you join us?

We are ready to go now.  Our two primary requirements remaining are based on our support level.  In order to complete these, we must reach our support needs.

Our current goal is to be moving or ready to move by the beginning of next year.  To reach this goal, we need to find churches that will provide us opportunities to share our ministry with their congregation.  Praise God, we will be participating in a 10-day, 10-church missions conference in February.  This is a great opportunity to start this year off strong.

We firmly believe that God, in his sovereignty, having called us to be missionaries in Thailand, will call each of our financial partners.

Ask God if he wants you to support us for $25-$50 per month

While our home church congregation makes up most of our current support, they are also supporting 28 other missionaries.  We need to make other connections.

We are asking you to participate with us in the advance of the Gospel in Northeast Thailand

We have our work cut out for us.  We are all called to share the good news of a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.  We may be ready to go now, but everything we may think we know, is not everything we may need to know.  Pray for our all-knowing and all-powerful God to direct our remaining training and support development, that it will be excellent in its provision for our ministry.

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