January 2019

December 2018 / January 2019


Fosters On A Mission

Greetings Dear Friends,

Happy New Year!  Thank you for your prayers and financial support of our ministry over the past year.     


Ministry Update

God continues to teach us through our pre-field ministry process.  As we learn to truly trust God to provide for our needs, He continues to meet our needs and bless us abundantly.

We asked our supporters to ‘pray with us for a God inspired increase in our regular monthly support.’  As an answer to our prayer, we saw a $430 increase in our monthly support in December, bringing our support level to 24%.  In addition to this, we received almost $2,000 in one-time gifts for our ministry.  Praise God for answered prayer and abundant blessings.

All four of us were hit by the flu/cold/bug/whatever-is-going-around-now during Christmas and we are still suffering some of the effects.  Pray for the health of our family as we start the new year, that we may be able to effectively minister to the needs of those that God has brought to us.

David will be attending the Baptist Network Northwest’s RENEW: Pastor’s Prayer Summit at the end of January.  Pray for safe travel to the mountains of Idaho and for a clear focus on God’s message to David during this special time.

Joshua Project research says that 80 of the 114 people groups of Thailand are unreached.  Continue to pray for the needs of the unreached people in Thailand who need the gospel message.

On page 2, we share our experience in Cambodia, and how God has used it.


Support Status

The regular monthly support commitments are currently at 24%, with 18% support coming in regularly and 6% in support commitments that have not yet started to come in.  We received $430 more in support commitments in December and look forward to how God will inspire giving in 2019.  Continue to pray with us for God inspired increases in our regular monthly support.

The best support you can give us is to participate in our newsletter and partner with us in prayer.  Also, prayerfully ask God if he wants you to support us financially.  God will continue to call our financial partners, as he already has. 


A Step Towards Missions: Part Eight

A series during our pre-field development to explore and present the path towards our ministry as missionaries to Thailand.

In 2014 and 2016, we were blessed with the opportunity to go to both Thailand and Cambodia with our church’s short-term mission teams.  The focus of these teams is to aid churches and ministries while exposing the team members to mission ministry both at home and abroad.

Our first trip to Cambodia gave us the opportunity to establish a relationship with Pastor Soonthorn and his wife Nat (Nut), and their church plant ministry in Siem Reap.  I had the opportunity to present a Sunday morning sermon on creation and who God is.  This turned out to be a very important time of building relationships with some of the youth at the church, as several of them would be our students at an English camp the rest of that week.

Both our church team and Pastor Soonthorn would request that our church send another team to return in 2016.

While we both wanted to return to Thailand and Cambodia in 2016, my job and limited vacation time were expected to be a great obstacle.  However, during my annual review, my unsaved bosses asked when, not if, I was going back to Thailand and Cambodia.  When I told them that I didn’t have the time or money to go back in 2016, they proceeded to authorize unpaid time off for the trip and a raise to offset the missed work.  Andrea and I recognized God’s hand in this and were obedient to God’s calling to return.

The first week of that trip was spent teaching an English class at the church in Siem Reap.  I was asked to share the salvation message to the students on the last day, and was excited to do so.  I had prepared a clear and simple message, and when the time came to present it, I was admittedly over confident.  As I finished and Pastor Soonthorn, who was also my interpreter, closed in prayer, my heart sunk.  I had realized that I had skipped a key part of my message plan.  As I began to embrace a feeling of failure, three people raised their hands to accept Jesus Christ as their savior.

God had just used this opportunity to speak directly to me.  He showed me that even in my failures he can use me for his success.  If I will be obedient to his calling to do the work that he calls me to do, God will be glorified in his harvest.  This was the moment that I realized that God was calling me into full-time ministry.

We look forward to sharing what God did next in our steps toward cross-cultural missions ministry.

We ask our friends to read the following passages for an insight into our calling, but even more importantly, a look at God’s abundant power and amazing grace: Romans chapters 3 and 6, John 3:16-21.  If you do not have a Bible, you can google search each of these passages for easy access.


What is ABWE?

Association of Baptists for World Evangelism


ABWE’s vision is to fulfill the Great Commission by multiplying leaders, churches, and missions movements among every people.

Everyday ABWE strives to share His story of hope, build communities of faith, and serve the world with love. But we don’t just want to send missionaries. We want to spark global missions movements that extend beyond ourselves — where local leaders are trained, mission-minded churches are planted, and believers are compelled to carry the message of Jesus to every nation.

We want to disciple new believers and empower the local Church to pick up the torch of missions and carry the gospel into new places — until it has reached every nation — and our vision of multiplying leaders, churches and missions movements among every people, is fulfilled.


While God continues to humble us and teaches us new things each day, we have more than 90 years of experience sharing the love and hope of Jesus Christ with people in more than 70 countries around the world. We remain rooted in conservative, baptistic theology, but we strive to stay relevant, effective, and adaptable to the diverse cultures where we minister.


Important Dates

January 20th – We present our ministry to our church’s Kid Zone program for the children.

January 28th – 30th – BNN RENEW: Pastor’s Prayer Summit (David attending)


Contact Info

David & Andrea Foster


(509) 438-5893


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