May 2018

Fosters On A Mission


Greetings Dear Friends,

Last month we were officially presented to our church family as full-time, long-term missionaries to Thailand.  Our excitement for our ministry continues to build as we see an ever-increasing focus on what we will be doing there, as well as what our pre-field ministry will look like over the coming year.


Ministry Update

As pre-field missionaries, we are training and preparing for the coming field work.  This includes biblical training and raising prayer and financial support, but also includes learning lessons from God in how to better share the good news (gospel), and how to trust him with all of our needs.

On page 2, you will see how God has led us to this work, and how he continues to prepare us.

The Thai people are drawn in by English language classes and youth programs, and are in need of evangelism & discipleship, as well as the support of solid men’s and women’s fellowship groups.  These are the additional areas of training that we are focusing on.

Our current reading assignment is Cross-Cultural Connections by Duane Elmer, a guide to stepping out and fitting in with different cultures around the world.


Support Status

In three weeks, we have reached almost 10% of our monthly financial support goal and received $3,000 in seed funding.  This is a great blessing as we already have about $8,000 in related expenses for 2018.  Several more couples and individuals have verbally committed to support us financially and are prayerfully considering what amounts to give.

The best support you can give us is to participate in our newsletter and partner with us in prayer for our needs.  God will call our financial partners.


Prayer Requests

With startup and training expenses exceeding the incoming rate of support, our personal finances are being stretched thin.  We remain confident in His provision but see this as an area of potential weakness.  Pray for peace as we truly learn to trust God with all of our needs, including finances.

Praise for God’s gift of opportunities to exercise family unity!  We have had an incredible month of growth and bonding.  Pray for continued strength and unity in our family and our marriage, and for a steadied heart and vision for our missions ministry in God’s plan.


Important Dates

July 14th-15th  - Attending the ABWE Good Soil Training in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania.

July 16th – Our Commissioning Ceremony at ABWE

July 16th-21st  - Attending the ABWE Missionary Enrichment Conference in Tysons Corner, Virginia.


Contact Info

David & Andrea Foster

(509) 438-5893


Did you know?

Thailand is known as “The Land Of Smiles.”

Thailand is the world’s 51st largest country.  At 198,117 square miles, it is larger than the state of California (163,695 sq. mi.).

The population of Thailand is 69 million, and California is 40 million.

Distance to Thailand from Los Angeles is 8,260 miles.

Thailand is located 15 degrees north of the equator.

Bangkok is the hottest city in the world, based on average yearly temperature.

Unlike westerners, Thais don’t shake hands when they greet each other, instead they raise their hands in front of their face, palms together, this gesture is known as a wai.

The Thai alphabet has 32 vowels and 44 consonants.

Surnames have only been used in Thailand since 1909.

Thailand is the only nation in Southeast Asia to avoid colonization by western or European powers.

Manchester United is the favorite football (soccer) team in Thailand.

Everybody in Thailand loves Mr. Bean.

Most Thais believe in ghosts.

96% of Thais are Buddhist.


A Step Towards Missions: Part One

A series during our pre-field development to explore and present the path towards our ministry as missionaries to Thailand.

When did we start thinking about missions work?

It’s a common question with no simple answer.  We didn’t just wake up one morning and say to ourselves, “Let’s move to where we don’t know anyone, and tell people who don’t speak our language about God.”  It is not a journey that is about to begin.  It began many years ago when Andrea and I were saved, but the roots were formed well before then.

First, let us define our missions work.  No, not the Webster’s definition, but the biblical definition.  After Jesus rose from the dead, he went to his disciples as the Bible tells us in Matthew 28:18:

Then Jesus came to them and said, “All authority in heaven and on earth has been given to me.  Therefore go and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit, and teaching them to obey everything I have commanded you.  And surely I am with you always, to the very end of the age.”

Our work as missionaries began when a risen savior, Jesus, commanded his followers to go with His authority, which is omnipotent.  When we accepted that God, who created everything, sent his son Jesus to die for our sins, we were rescued from an eternal punishment.  How can we accept this wonderful gift of salvation without sharing it with all nations?  After all, Jesus not only told us to go, but gave us the authority to do so.

Andrea and I have strived to see, in every person, the value that God has placed on them of being worthy of the sacrifice of his son on the cross.  Our hearts have always broken for those who do not see or understand what we know to be true.  At times, we present God to our unbelieving friends as a small god, who is this undefined deity that sits on the sidelines of our lives like an untouched book on a shelf.  By stepping forward in this new ministry, we have now put God front and center in our lives.  We desired to put ourselves in a position to consistently present an awesome and amazing God, who is not only the omnipotent creator of everything, but who also knows the number of hairs on our head and presents himself as a personal savior to every person of every nation, all tribes and peoples and languages.

When did we start thinking about missions work?  When we listened to what God was telling us all along.  The real question that we ask ourselves, is why we haven’t done this sooner?  There are many reasons for this that we will explore in our future newsletters.

We ask our friends to read the following passages for an insight into our calling, but even more importantly, a look at God’s abundant power and amazing grace: Genesis 1:1-2:25, Matthew 10:26-33, Luke 12:4-11, Revelation 7:9-17.  If you do not have a Bible, you can google search each of these passages for easy access.

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