September 2018

Fosters On A Mission


Greetings Dear Friends,

We love and respect all of God’s creation and desire to model the fruits of the spirit.  God is actively shaping our mission ministry in many ways, while we develop both prayer and financial support relationships along the way.


Ministry Update – A Time of Prayer

As we desire to share our love for God by developing relationships with the people of Thailand who need hope, we find ourselves in the midst of several situations requiring us to do the same with people here at home.  There are several people close to us who are going through some very difficult times, including people in our own church congregation, longtime unsaved friends, and even new friends.

Philippians 2:3-4 NKJV

Let nothing be done through selfish ambition or conceit, but in lowliness of mind let each esteem others better than himself.  Let each of you look out not only for his own interests, but also for the interests of others.

While we obediently follow God’s leading to a cross-cultural mission ministry in Thailand, we must not let our own interest in getting there as soon as possible cloud the truth that there are others around us, here and now, requiring our attention.  A recently divorced, and now unemployed father of three is in turmoil.  A newly widowed woman and her son are hurting greatly.  A church congregation is struggling to recover from heartbreak.  These are just a few of those we are praying for and with.  Pray for our friends who are suffering through difficult times, and for the church congregation members who are hurting.  Pray that we will recognize and use opportunities to come alongside and lift them up in prayer, encouraging them in the faith.

Continue to pray for the needs of the unreached people in Thailand who need the gospel message.

On page 2, we share our first cross-cultural mission trip experience, and how God continues to use it.


Support Status

God has been continuously meeting our immediate financial needs.  There are many who intend to support our ministry financially but have not yet made a commitment.

Pray for our financial support level to reach the 50%  &  85% prerequisites for the required training courses: Essential Missions Components, and Field Preparation.  Our plans to leave for Thailand during the fall of 2019 will be delayed if we are unable to meet these requirements in a timely manner.

The best support you can give us is to participate in our newsletter and partner with us in fervent prayer.  God will call our financial partners, as he already has.

With the deepest love to all of our hurting brothers and sisters in Christ.    


Important Dates

October 6th-15th –  Presenting our ministry to churches and individuals in Southern California

November 18th –  Presenting our ministry to Highland Hill Community Church in Tacoma, WA


Contact Info

David & Andrea Foster

(509) 438-5893


A Family Update

Dave’s employment continues to take him out of town during the week, but praise God for providing weekends off at home!  We continue to pray for the timing of the transition away from this full-time work.

Andrea continues to homeschool both of our daughters (ages 13 & 1), and is simultaneously managing a large portion of our mission support raising efforts.  Praise God for sending a replacement for her secretary position in AWANA.

Karen will be 14 years-old in November, and decided to take on a high school curriculum for this school year.  Pray for her to continue to develop friendships even though she knows it will be a difficult separation when we move to Thailand.

Sarah (age 1) continues to climb everything she can, and the increasing heights and precarity are enough to drive the other three of us crazy with worry.  She loves elephants and making animal sounds, and is progressing well on her single word vocabulary.


A Step Towards Missions: Part Five

A series during our pre-field development to explore and present the path towards our ministry as missionaries to Thailand.

Nothing changes a perspective on suffering like a mission trip to an impoverished area.

In 1999, Andrea and I went on a couple of one-day trips south of Tijuana, Mexico with our church in Irvine, California.  We teamed up with Amor Ministries to provide showers, clothes, and a little food to the children of Tijuana’s ‘El Dompe’, a village on and in the center of one of the largest landfills in the world.

Andrea and I had thought we would make a great difference by helping distribute a small amount of physical needs to a few poor families, and maybe even have an opportunity to share the gospel cross-culturally.

The children of El Dompe were not overjoyed to see us, but did seem to appreciate our visit.  I cannot imagine that a shower, clothes, and some food are enough to satiate a people who are slaves to living in a dump, and scavenging for a living as drug lords and police line their pockets with the real profits.

The reality of their impoverished daily existence was overwhelming.  We were face-to-face with physical hopelessness that was so ominous, we could not imagine having the time to deal with their spiritual needs.

And this is where God intervened.

The smell in El Dompe was horrific.  Even after just a few hours of visiting, it took 3 days before the smell stopped permeating our nostrils.  That was 3 days of God saying “remember this.”

We found out later that by briefly supplying these people with a few physical needs, we were enabling the full-time, long-term missionaries to focus on their spiritual needs.

So why did God send us?  Perhaps our efforts intervened in the needs of one child long enough for the missionaries to effectively share the gospel.  We know this was for us to see the enormous amount of need that exists in the world, and physical poverty can hinder the gospel if not treated.  Additionally, we now understand how everyone can play a part in missions, both at home and abroad.

When we returned to the church David had grown up in, we discovered they were well under way in developing a strong relationship with Amor, sending teams yearly to build homes for the homeless and support family ministries.

Scott and Gayla Congdon, along with the full-time Amor Team, carry out their commitment and passion for helping the poorest of the poor in Mexico, South Africa, and, increasingly, other locations around the world.  Find out more at

We ask our friends to read the following passages for an insight into our calling, but even more importantly, a look at God’s abundant power and amazing grace: Philippians 2, Philippians 4, Proverbs 28:27.  If you do not have a Bible, you can google search each of these passages for easy access.

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